When it comes to a house painting project, our minds naturally drift to choosing the perfect color to make our homes look their absolute best. However, it’s crucial also to recognize that various types of paint are tailored for specific purposes. It can be hard to truly decide whether ceiling paint is even worth it.

There is a significant difference between ceiling paint and wall paint. They are specifically made for different areas of your home. Using the wrong type can lead to numerous problems, including reduced durability, issues with adhesion, and a whole mess inside your house! Not to mention, you could be wasting all your home improvement budget on the wrong type of paint.

Learn more about the different paints so you don’t make your house painting project much more difficult. Keep reading to find out more. 


Why Specific Paint for Specific Purposes?

Paints aren’t just about colors. They’re crafted to tackle specific challenges posed by various surfaces and environments. Think about it – metal, wood, ceilings, and walls all have different characteristics, and they need paint that can work with them, not against them. 

The same goes for exterior surfaces that must endure constant exposure to elements like wind, sunlight, and rain. It’s also the case with interior spaces, where conditions tend to be more humid. As a result, unique paint solutions are needed to address these specific issues.

It is important to also consider just how much paint you will need and the project’s costs. Use a paint calculator to get a general idea of how much your paint project will cost. The paint calculator is essential to ensure you don’t run short or overbuy for your paint project.

.The Difference Between Ceiling Paint and Wall Paint. A vertical shot of a bunch of different paint colors in paint cans.

Not only is it important to understand the difference between ceiling paint and wall paint, but it is also important to consider the brand that you are choosing to buy. Benjamin Moore, Clark + Kensington, and even Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines are great paint brands to consider. Although all these brands are fantastic options, below is a general breakdown of each brand.

Benjamin Moore: Known for its rich hues and smooth application, Benjamin Moore paints are a timeless favorite for indoor and outdoor renovations. This zero-VOC brand delivers a low-odor product with a rich, durable finish for long-lasting color. Shop a selection of interior and exterior paints with matte, eggshell, pearl, flat and semi-gloss finishes.

Clark + Kensington: When you are looking for a convenient all-in-one application, try Clark + Kensington’s combination paint and primer. With options for interior and exterior spaces, this paint and primer blend cuts down on the work to deliver beautiful results in less time.

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines: For a classic look, choose from Magnolia Home paints in a selection of elegant colors and finishes. The stain-resistant quality helps preserve the rich hues, delivering the durability you need for every space.


What is Ceiling Paint?

The Difference Between Ceiling Paint and Wall Paint. A guy painting the ceiling with a long paint roller.

You may still not be convinced that there is a big difference between ceiling paint and wall paint. However, there are some major factors that differentiate the two from one another.

Ceiling paint is specifically designed to do two things: enhance the visual appearance of overhead surfaces and make the practical task of painting them a breeze. Ceiling paint is generally very flat, whereas wall paint can be more shiny or glossy. It tends to be a thicker paint than wall paint, as you want to make sure you get all the nooks and crannies on your ceiling.

Have you ever used wall paint for your ceiling and you notice that your ceiling is dripping? Imagine going all the way up to paint it, only to watch the paint dripping on the floor. For these reasons, ceiling paints are formulated to minimize drips for easy applications and effectively hide stains due to their thicker properties.  

Consider high-quality options from Clark+ Kensington or Benjamin Moore’s Muresco for a ceiling that truly stands out.


What is Wall Paint?

The Difference Between Ceiling Paint and Wall Paint. A man holding up a bunch of paint swatches on the wall for the woman to choose from.

Similar to ceiling paint, wall paint is designed to enhance aesthetics while protecting the surface from environmental damage as well as wear and tear. But here’s the exciting part – when it comes to walls, you have an expansive palette of colors to choose from. 

An important difference between ceiling paint and wall paint is unlike the constraints for painting ceilings, walls offer more design flexibility, allowing you to customize your space through a wide array of color choices.

You can design your space with multiple colors, patterns, and textures! If you are stumped with what to do on your paint project, looking into paint project trends can be helpful.

You may also want to touch up your walls after a few years. Johnson’s Ace Hardware can easily match your previous paint color. Make sure to take a photo of your paint color or write it down somewhere in case you want to get more paint in the future.

But don’t just settle for any wall paint. Elevate your interior with Benjamin Moore Regal Select Eggshell Base, renowned for its durability and washable finish. 


End Note

Starting a painting project to elevate your home’s aesthetics is a thrilling moment. However, it’s important to remember that choosing the right type of paint is just as crucial as selecting the most captivating color.

The difference between ceiling paint and wall paint is important to decipher to successfully complete your project. Using the wrong paint can cost you more money, create more problems, and add unnecessary stress to your project.

So, before starting your project, check out Ace Hardware for your painting supplies. The painting supplies can be just as important as the type of paint you choose. You can relax knowing you’re investing in the finest quality for your cherished home.

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