Christmas brings forth a joyous atmosphere and a warm ambiance many eagerly await. A key element of this festive vibe is the Christmas tree, a quintessential Christmas decoration. 


A live Christmas tree in your home creates a cozy and inviting mood. Beyond the charm, keeping a live Christmas tree for an extended period is a sustainable choice, beneficial both for the environment and your wallet. In this article, we’ll delve into some tips on how to make a live Christmas tree last, ensuring you can relish and prolong the festive vibes. 


How To Make A Live Christmas Tree Last

Choosing The Right Tree

Make A Christmas Tree Last- Choosing The Right Christmas TreeFirst and foremost, the critical step to making a live Christmas tree last is to choose the right tree. Different trees come with varying lifespans and survival capabilities. The essential rule is to go for a fresh tree, identifiable through specific signs. Look for vibrant green needles and steer clear of those showing signs of browning or yellowing.


The scent of the needles is also a helpful freshness indicator. Give them a gentle crush and take a whiff— a fresh, aromatic scent is a positive sign, while no smell is a red flag. Additionally, check for a heavy weight and flexible branches as further signs of a fresh tree.


When it comes to choosing the right Christmas tree, there are several popular options to consider:


Known as the classic Christmas tree, the Balsam Fir boasts a dense and symmetrical shape. It offers the classic pine scent and excels at retaining its needles.


The Douglas Fir features a pyramid-like shape with well-spaced branches, making it an ideal canvas for decorations and ornaments. It’s also recognized for its reliable needle retention.


If you’re looking for an affordable option with decent needle retention, the Scotch Pine fits the bill. While it lacks a strong scent, it remains a popular choice.


The Fraser Fir is a favorite, thanks to its lovely pine scent and impressive needle retention. It stands out as a top choice for those seeking a well-rounded Christmas tree.


The Virginia Pine is known for lasting well through the season. It boasts a full, bushy pine appearance and emits a pleasing piney aroma, adding to the festive ambiance.


The Concolor or White Fir stands out with its fresh citrus scent and good longevity, making it a delightful and enduring choice.


Proper Tree Care And Maintenance

Once you’ve brought home your tree, you need to give proper care to ensure longevity. Here are some useful things you can do to make a live Christmas tree last:


Watering Your Tree 

Make A Live Christmas Tree Last- Watering Your Live Christmas TreeLike any other plant, your live Christmas tree requires sufficient water to maintain its freshness and needle retention. Regular watering prevents needles from drying out and dying out prematurely.


By retaining the proper hydration level, you can be sure your tree will have a lush and vibrant appearance, creating the perfect Christmas time. We do offer a watering funnel that can make watering your live Christmas tree easy and simple.


Placement And Temperature 

Make A Live Christmas Tree Last- Correct Christmas Tree Placement and TemperatureChoosing the correct placement is another way to make a live Christmas tree last. You want to place your tree away from the direct heat sources.


This is because contact with heat from places like a fireplace can remove moisture and decrease its hydration level. Therefore, placing your Christmas tree indoors is recommended, with a consistent indoor temperature of around 60°F – 70 °F. A cooler environment is more conducive to the health of the tree. 


Avoiding Overcrowding Decorations 

Make A Christmas Tree Last- Avoid Overcrowding Christmas DecorationsAnother way to make a live Christmas tree last is to avoid overcrowding decorations. When adorning your Christmas tree, don’t overload it with too many decorations.


Excessive weight can stress the branches, causing them to drop or break. You can distribute your decorations evenly and opt for ornaments that are not too heavy. 


You can find the perfect Christmas decor at Johnson’s Ace, curated to add beauty without harming the tree! 


End Note 


Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas tree in your home. However, not all trees are the same. Finding the right live Christmas tree and providing it with proper care is essential for its longevity. A long-lasting Christmas tree ensures the warm and inviting holiday atmosphere lingers and offers savings and environmental benefits. 

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