You have just been tasked to barbecue this year by your peers. You are a bit uneasy about your grilling skills and want to do some research before you grill in front of everyone at the next barbecue party. Look no further! Johnson’s Ace Hardware has some tips and tricks to make everyone think a beginner barbecuer is a pro.


Tips & Tricks For A Beginner Barbecuer:

1. Know Where The Hotspots Are On Your Gas or Pellet GrillTop Tips & Tricks For A Beginner Barbecuer

Hotspots should be noted when using your grill. You do not want to under or over-cook your meal because of these hotspots.

A great way to find out those hotspots is to lay out some slices of bread on the grill at medium heat. Once you flip them over, you will notice that some slices are darker than others. Make note of this by either writing it down or taking a picture of it for reference.


2. Dark Meat Is The Way To Go

beginner barbecuer; grilled chicken

When cooking chicken, choose dark meat, which is legs and thighs, as they contain more flavor than breast meat and they will not lose much moisture.

Try grilling chicken indirectly until nearly cooked through, then finish directly over the heat to lightly char the meat and set any of your favorite sauces or glazes. Grilling at higher temperatures (at least 350 degrees) will make the skin crispy.


3. Grill Your Fish With Ease

beginner-barbecuer-grilled-salmon-on-a-black-plateFish often tend to stick to the grill grate. There are a couple of ways to avoid this issue that you can try out this summer. You can use cedar planks, a bed of lemon slices, or even an oily grill basket to grill your fish.

If you are going to try grilling right on the grate, make sure that it is oiled up and that the grate is cleaned before use. Also, try using a thin-bladed spatula to turn the fish. It is a good idea to use firm-fleshed fish like swordfish, salmon, or halibut.


4. Use Your Thumb To Make The Best Burgers

beginner-barbecuer-close- up-thumbs-up

This is an awesome trick that will give your burgers a perfectly flat shape every time. Once your patties are made, use your thumb and create an indent in the center of the patty. A half an inch to a full inch is fine depending on the thickness of your patty.

Meat contracts while cooking, so that the indent will fade as the patty starts to cook. This will prevent your patty from swelling up in the middle once you add it to the grill.


5. Don’t Run Out Of Fuel

It happens to all beginners at one point or another during your grilling session. Depending on your equipment,

 always have an extra tank of propane on hand, a bag of charcoal or pellets, or wood chips, chunks, wood, or your fuel of choice. Johnson’s Ace Hardware does provide propane exchanges if you do ever run out.


To check your propane levels, pour a small bucket of very hot tap water down the side of the propane tank, then run your hand along the outside. Where the metal transitions from warm to cool indicates the propane levels.


End Note:

These are some of the many tips and tricks you can use this summer to go from a beginner barbecuer to an absolute pro. Let us know if we should do part two by submitting a comment at the bottom of this blog! We would love to hear your feedback, comments, and concerns.

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