The holiday season is winding down, but you’re not ready to let go of that festive Christmas spirit just yet. We totally get it! You’ve got this beautiful live Christmas tree that’s been spreading holiday cheer, but the reality is kicking in, and you need to free up some space in your home. So, what to do with a live Christmas tree? Not only what to do with a live Christmas tree, but why do that to a live Christmas tree? Well, if you’re facing this dilemma, we have some practical solutions to share with you so that you can give a proper farewell to your Christmas tree without losing it completely. 


What To Do With A Live Christmas Tree

Turning Your Christmas Tree Into Mulch

Mulching is like a Christmas gift for your garden! Mulching is essential for several reasons.


First, think of mulches as a shield covering the soil, protecting it, and playing the role of a natural insulator. This keeps the temperature stable and ensures moisture is at bay. Mulch also helps soil retain water, allowing it to hold onto water so you can bid farewell to the constant watering routine!


And it doesn’t stop there. Mulch is also a nutrient powerhouse. As they break down, they leave behind organic matter that’s basically a nutritious feast for your soil. You even get to save money on mulch by doing this!


All these perks with mulching will help put your Christmas to good use and help your gardening chores easier and more effectively!

Woman planting seeds in mulch

Replanting Your Christmas Tree

If parting ways with your Christmas tree is out of the question and you’re keen on keeping it intact, here’s an idea of what to do with a live Christmas tree. Replant your Christmas tree!


Yes, you heard that right. Replanting your Christmas tree can be a practical solution. Not only does it add a touch of green to your backyard, but it can attract birds and provide shelter for other small animals. But remember to make their new home a nice and comfortable one! Opt for a nice plant pot so that your tree remains in tip-top condition while living and keeping the holiday spirit in your outdoor space. 


Firewood and Wood Chips

Fire wood on fire

Make the most of your Christmas tree long after the holiday season by repurposing it for firewood and wood chips, creating a cozy winter haven for you and your family to enjoy on a cold night might be ideal.


However, just a friendly reminder: when using the tree for firewood, it’s crucial to do so outdoors only, as the sap can pose risks when burned indoors.


Now, picture this: a delightful winter evening in your backyard, surrounded by loved ones, enjoying warm drinks and delicious food. Simply chop up those branches and ignite a fire, offering a warmth and comforting atmosphere, turning the evening into a memorable and snug winter experience that you can repeat in the years to come.


End Note

Christmas, a much-anticipated holiday, often leaves us yearning for its joy to linger a bit longer. The centerpiece of this festive season, your Christmas tree can extend its purpose in eco-friendly ways, continuing to bring benefits to your home.


So, what to do with a live Christmas tree? Repurposing the Christmas tree as mulching, helping you take care of the soil and the garden, firewood and wood chips to help provide a warm experience, or replanting it in your garden, keeping the festivities alive and providing a home for other animals, are all practical solutions to apply when Christmas has officially ended.  


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