With the beautiful sunshine and the urge to go play outside, July is the perfect time of year to clean up the outside of your home and make sure it is in tip-top shape.  Here is your July outdoor care checklist! 

Summer Outdoor Care Checklist:

July Outdoor Checklist: Clean Deck Boards

1. Clean up your outside living space

Don’t let summer get away from you. The time is now to spruce up your outside living space so that you can enjoy family BBQs, hang out in the backyard, or grow your garden. You can do this by giving your patio a good scrub, replacing some old furniture, or adding some new additions to the living space (like a new grill or fireplace). 


July Outdoor Checklist: Clean House Siding

2. Clean the siding of your home

Many people underestimate the power of a good, clean home. It is important to clean the inside of your home, but don’t neglect the outside either. There is nothing more satisfying than removing all of the dirt and grime from your siding, front walkway, or fences. Click here to look at the Ace Hardware of selection of power washers



Your Summer Outdoor Care Checklist3. Give your lawn a boost

Give your lawn a mid-season boost with an application of Scott’s Step 3. This lawn care formula is built to help your lawn withstand the hot sun. This lawn care treatment works best in combination with good watering. Make sure your grass has plenty of moisture throughout the summer.


Your Summer Outdoor Care Checklist4. Update the mulch

If your mulch is looking pretty stale, it might be the right time to bring in some new mulch. This process will for sure enhance your outdoor living space and add a little glow to the home. 


July Outdoor Checklist: Keep insects out Stop the insects

As much as we love summer, so do insects. To make sure that little critters are not making it into your home, apply a  home defense product around the windows, doors, and foundation of your home.


Summer is a great time to clean up and restore the outside of your home. Taking care of your home now will thank you later as the year progresses into the colder season.  We hope you enjoyed Johnson’s Ace Hardware July outdoor checklist. To shop Johnson’s Ace Hardware click the link below. 

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