Now that the summer is starting to wind down, this is the perfect tie of year to tackle some outdoor painting projects before it gets too cold outside.

Outdoor painting projects can be an easy way to enhance your home’s Pittsburgh curb appeal, add a little bit of life back into your outdoor space, or simply become your next DIY project.

Keep reading to gather some ideas for your next outdoor painting project. 

4 Outdoor Painting Projects:

Your Shed:


If you would like to give your shed some more life, painting it is one way to do so. This is a project that you may need to reserve some time for since sheds are larger objects. It may also be a good idea to do this project before fall and winter arrives. 


Your Front Door with Windows:


The next outdoor painting project that should be on your radar is painting your front door. Adding a pop of color to your front entrance will definitely shake things up, especially as we head into the next season. If you need help picking out the perfect color for your front entrance, stop by Johnson’s Ace Hardware’s paint studio.

Your Exterior Trim:

If you enjoyed the last outdoor painting project, then this one will be complimentary. Another way to brighten up your front entrance is by painting the exterior trim. Depending on how extensive you would like to get with this project you can paint just the front entrance or all the exterior trim across the house.

Your Exterior Light Fixtures:

Another subtle, but effective outdoor painting project is painting your exterior light fixtures. Most times these fixtures are metal and can take a specific process, but once done can make a last impact. To gather your materials for this project, check out Johnson’s Ace Hardware metal painting supplies.


End Note: 

All in all, Johnson’s Ace Hardware is here to assist you in building the home of your dreams. Make sure to stop into our Norvelt location today to get started! 

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