So you’ve probably heard of this before: New year, new you! Well, it turns out it applies to your home, too! Welcoming the new year of 2024 should also include improving your home. After all, this is where you and your family live, so it deserves some love! Create a cozy and safe home this new year by giving the ultimate January home checklist. Continue reading below! 

1. Change Your Filter 

Keeping the air inside your home fresh is an ongoing must-do for homeowners. It’s not just a healthy thing; there’s something so refreshing about breathing in clean air! Now, picture a whole year without changing your air filter – that’s a lot of dust and mess accumulating. So swap out those air filters, and you’ll instantly notice the difference. Your lungs and the whole family will thank you for it! Easy, peasy, and a sure way to keep things feeling good indoors.

Person changing filter in home

2. Clean Your Bath Fan

Considering how much time we spend there, the bathroom deserves some extra love. So, besides the usual scrub routine and sprucing it up with new goodies, here’s a neat trick: use a wet/dry vac to clean your bath fans thoroughly. It’ll also help keep your bath clear from those warm showers. You and your family can then enjoy a nice warm bath during the cold January days and let the bath fan work its magic – it’s the secret to keeping the bathroom comfy and fresh!

3. Sweep Debris Off Your Patio 

The January home checklist isn’t just for indoors but also for outdoors! The patio should be one area in the house that must be beautiful. Besides you, your guests will experience it when they come and visit you. So don’t only decorate it, but also give it a thorough clean! 

Kid sweeping off front door area

Grab that broom and sweep away all the debris. And don’t let the melted ice chill on the pavement. Not only can it cause damage, but it’s a slipping hazard, too. Nobody needs a surprise ice skating rink outside their door, right? So, let’s keep it safe and beautiful!

4. Clean Off Your Oven 

With the holiday season coming to an end, your oven must need cleaning, especially with all that festive cooking! If your oven is wearing a coat of grease from the holiday feasts, the best solution is to enlist the help of an oven cleaner. They’ll help you get rid of the grease easily. Wipe it off, and then you’ll have an almost-new oven ready to whip up more deliciousness in 2024. 

5. Invest In A Boot Tray

January can be quite a wet month, with snow and rain making regular appearances. While the winter wonderland outside can be lovely, you definitely don’t want all that mess finding its way into your cozy home! The solution? Boot trays and door mats. Place a handy boot tray or doormat outside your entrance door. They act like the gatekeepers, keeping dirt, slush, and snow at bay. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure your home stays sleek, clean, and oh-so-comfortable. 

Door mat in front of house

End Note

Start the year right! Have a makeover of your house by following our January home checklist that includes a thorough indoor clean-up, a sprucing up of the outdoors, and ensuring your cooking equipment, like the oven, is ready for another year-round cooking! You deserve it, your family deserves it, and your home deserves it! 

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